Trade Highlight

Trade Highlight

When building a home, we rely on skilled trades to help bring our vision to life. We partner with many different companies that have experience and expertise in their own respective areas. Without the skill and professionalism of our trade partners, North Pointe Homes wouldn’t have quite the same quality or craftsmanship that you’ve come to know and love.
Platinum Finishing is a high-end finishing and millwork company located in Edmonton, Alberta. The founder, Derek Junkin, started the company in 2015 after working in the carpentry industry for more than a decade. Derek wanted to focus on one-of-a-kind creative projects that allowed him to showcase his keen eye for detail and his ability to turn a visionary design into a real-life feature that homeowners could truly take pride in.
Without further ado, we’d like to take some time to recognize one of our wonderful trade and supplier partners- Platinum Finishing and Millwork. We’ve been working with this tremendous company for just a little over 5 years.
Platinum Finishing and Millwork offer a robust range of millwork services, each completed to their unparalleled standards. They provide value and character to our homes by building and installing moulding and trims, custom cabinetry, storage solutions, built in entertainment centers, built in bars and wine cellars- just to name a few! The company loves working on new and exciting projects and is always up for a challenge! Platinum Finishing and Millwork love variety, and the opportunity to showcase a bit of creativity when the project allows for it. As a finishing company they are known for the character, quality, and impeccable execution of their work.
Platinum Finishing and Millwork make use of their shop to prefabricate materials before bringing them into the homes that they’re working in. This helps eliminate dust and debris, and also contributes to their project timelines and efficiency.

To learn more about Platinum Finishing and Millwork you can visit their website here:

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