Welcome to our first North Pointe Homes Blog post!

Welcome to our first North Pointe Homes Blog post!

Welcome to our first North Pointe Homes Blog post!

We’ve created this page as a means to connect with our community. Please stay tuned as we discuss a variety of topics pertaining to our industry.

Every year the “ The Canadian Home Builders’ Association” also known as The CHBA, hosts a gala to recognize and celebrate members that have achieved excellence in specific home building capacities. As a local Edmonton home builder, North Pointe Homes is part of the CHBA “Edmonton Region” division. This was the first year we submitted our homes to be considered for an award. There are several categories that can be entered such as: Advertising awards, environmental awards, leadership awards, best infill homes, best single family homes, and so on and so forth.

North Pointe Homes achieved 4 nominations, in the following categories:

  • “Best Infill home 2000 sq.ft- 4000 sq.ft”
  • “Best Single Family Home $300k-$350K”   ( 2 nominations attained)
  • “Best Single Family Home- $700k-$850k”
We are thrilled and proud to say, that we were the finalist chosen by our industry peers for the “Best Single Family Home- $700k-$850k”.

The home which attained this prestigious award was none other than our “University Project” situated in the heart of Mckernan. This home is an innovative model designed by the highly esteemed and local design firm – Boss Design.

Given the current health crisis, this year the awards gala had a virtual twist to it. The ceremony was enjoyed by 100’s of viewers over Facebook and Instagram live. It even included a virtual cocktail hour. All in all it was a wonderful experience, and we feel very grateful to have been a part of it.

We’ve already started working on next year’s awards and are dedicated to continuing to build homes that are worthy of industry recognition!

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