Shiplap – a high impact low cost design trend.

Shiplap – a high impact low cost design trend.

At North Pointe Homes we fully acknowledge our healthy obsession with shiplap. We’ve incorporated it into multiple homes, in various rooms, and within several different design schemes. We’ve installed shiplap with its traditional white paint, and we’ve also used dramatic hues such as the nautical blue as seen below.

This trendy interior feature is a type of wooden board that was often used as an inexpensive exterior solution for constructing sheds, barns and other rustic buildings. It gets its name from a type of shiplap that was once used to make, you guessed it – ships. Traditionally shiplap had a groove placed on either side of its panels. This made for an interlocking system which ensured a snug fit, giving a moisture resistant effect.

That said, aside from its capability to stand up to harsh climates, shiplap has become a go-to on more than just HGTV.

One reason why shiplap is so popular with homeowners and designers alike, is its versatility. Shiplap can be placed on walls, ceilings and floors. It can be installed vertically or horizontally. It can be left in its natural form, stained, or painted. Shiplap adds texture and interest to any room thus you’ll find it in bathrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, hallways, mudrooms and bedrooms.

When installed vertically, shiplap helps to draw the eye forward which creates an elongated look. To increase depth, try using it in small spaces such as a den or narrow hallway. Another way to utilitze this multifaceted board is to add it into built-ins, this gives your objects a clean and consistent backdrop. You can also install shiplap above your fireplace creating a focal point in your living room…not only does it look great, it is also a lot more cost effective than brick!

Shiplap encompasses clean lines, organic modernism and bodes well with the on trend modern farmhouse inspired style. There aren’t many negatives to shiplap; other than it’s so versatile, you may just end up going overboard!

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